Theory Placement


Refer-a-friend program

What is it? Get $10 cash for each referral that results in a registration from now until the end of the camp.

How much can I get back? You can get up to 60% of your total camp fee back through referrals.

How does it work? Just let your friends know about the camp. For anyone who mentions your name in a new “How did you hear about us” field during registration, we will send you an email telling you about the bonus amount.

How do I get the bonus? Just come with your child to sign-in or find a staff member during pickup any day of camp week and you will get an envelope with your cash.

What should I say? Here’s an example you can modify to put in your own situation and style: I’m not sure if I mentioned this to you yet, but we are sending [your own child(ren)’s name(s)] to Laudate Choir Camp the first week of August. It looks like it will be a great week and thought you might consider it for [their child(ren)’s name(s)]. If you think it would work, you can register them at You’d be doing us a big favor if you put our name down when they ask how you heard about the camp. Thank you and God bless.

Organ Lessons

There are four slots available for a one-hour organ lesson. This option is available to pianists who play at least at an intermediate level, or organists of any level.

Pianists will learn some of the basics of playing the pipe organ and begin to understand how organ technique differs from piano technique. The lesson will help to “demystify” the organ with the hope that the student will be open to organ lessons in the future. Students who already have some experience on the organ will get an assessment of their technique and suggestions on how to improve their skill and musicality.

Lessons will be held during camp hours. Recorded audition may be required. If you select the Organ Lesson option for your child during registration, you will receive the details for this.

Master Class

On Day 4 of the camp, we will hold a master class with the whole camp as an audience. In the master class, students sing a prepared piece in front of professional instructors and an audience. Then they are given feedback on their performance and the instructors work with them for up to 10 minutes to delve into the finer and subtler aspects of vocal technique and musicality.

Participants walk away from master classes with a fresh view of their music and with a renewed appreciation and awe of the expressive possibilities in their own voices. They also gain self-confidence and the respect of their peers by their willingness to be critiqued in front of an audience.

There is no fee for the master class. However, as there are only three slots available, aspiring participants must submit a recorded audition. If you select the Master Class option for your child during registration, you will receive the details for this.